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The hunting ground was founded in the middle of the 19th century by immigrants from the area of ​​the island of Hvar, who chose this second among the emigration to America and going to Pelješac.

 These settlers were later joined by immigrants from Nakovana. The first settler in Loviste (1878) was Ante Visković from the Hvar village of Gdinj.

Loviste is an extremely Pelješac settlement, located in the west of the peninsula Peljesac, in a beautiful bay along the Adriatic coast.

The area of ​​Lovište in relation to the rest of Pelješac has a very mild relief. The hills do not exceed 200 altitudes and mild slopes

Due to the geographical position and characteristics of the relief, in the area of ​​Loviste, precipitation is rare, and the number of sunny hours is very high. According to some sources, this number rises to 3000 sunny hours a year, which is even more than the sunniest island of Hvar.

The most frequent is the Mediterranean flora, scrub and macchia.

In the aquatorium along the coast of Lovište, there can be found seaside reservoirs of Posidonia and protected species of shells of periske which can be found exclusively in the pure sea.

In the western part of the Peljesac Peninsula, in the area of ​​Loviste, so far over 100 species of birds have been recorded. Of the other animal species, the most famous are shag (Canis aureus), Indian small mongoose (lat. Herpestes javanicus), gray show (Myoxus glis), rabbit (lat. Lepus europaeus), wild boar (lat Sus scrofa) (Pseudopus apus), black turkey (Turdus merula), green toad frog (lat. Bufo viridis), Mediterranean seagrass (Latin Larus audouinii) and owl (Bubo bubo lat).

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